Nowadays, it is hard to find people out there who understands why should anybody need to paint apples or flowers again and again. Indeed, for some, the trivial nature of these topics hides the fact that there might exist any pictorial thinking underneath. However, I do believe that this pictorial thinking might be as important as the most daring avant-garde.

I do believe that Painting has to give leads again in order that nobody should feel excluded.


Miquel Vilà was born in Barcelona, 1940. He studied at The Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes de Sant Jordi and at The Conservatorio de la Artes del Libro in Barcelona. His artwork is owned by the Modern Art Museum in New York, the Museums of Fine Arts in Madrid and Seville, and by The Museum of Fine Arts in Sofia. His work appears in several private collections: Banco de Sabadell, La Caixa Foundation, The Library of Catalonia, and The National Library of Madrid. He lives and works in Barcelona and Menorca.

Exhibitions (Individual)

2011 Sala Parés, Barcelona

2008 Sala Parés, Barcelona

2006 "Casseïnes" Sala Parés, Barcelona

2005 Sala Parés, Barcelona

2004 "Pintura de mercat " Sala Parés, Barcelona

2002 Sala Parés, Barcelona

2001 "Exposició de casseïnes " L`estudi, Barcelona
Galeria Artara, Maó, Menorca

2000 Galeria Trama, Barcelona

1999 Fundació Caixa Penedès, Vilafranca del Penedès
Can Nicolau, La Garriga

1998 Galeria Trama, Barcelona
Galeria Artara, Maó, Menorca

1995 Sala Parés, Barcelona
Galeria Artara, Maó, Menorca

1994 Galeria Montcada, Barcelona
"Pintura Privada", Sala Parés i Artur Ramón, Barcelona (with Sebastià Ramis, Raimon Sunyer, X. Serra de Rivera i J. Vives Campomar)

1993 "Barcelona Front de Mar", Maragall Sala d'Art, Barcelona
Fundació Enciclopèdia Catalana, Barcelona
Galería d'Art Canet

1992 "Obra Gràfica", Galeria Trama, Barcelona (with X. Serra de Rivera.

1991 Galeria Bisart, Ciutat de Mallorca

1990 "J. Vives Campomar i Miquel Vilà", Sala Parés, Barcelona
Galeria d'Art Clariana, Vic, Barcelona

1988 Galeria 24, Barcelona
Galeria d'Art AB, Granollers, Barcelona
Galeria Tobermory, Maó, Menorca

1986 Galeria Àmbit, Barcelona

1985 "El pas del Temps" Espai Ferràn & Jordi, Barcelona
Sala Vayreda, Barcelona
Galería Tau, Maó, Menorca

1984 Galeria d'Art Clariana, Vic, Barcelona

1983 Sala Vayreda, Barcelona
Galeria Dalt i Baix, Maó (with J. Vives Campomar i Serra Llimona)

1981 Sala Nonell, Barcelona
"Drei Katalanische Kunstler", Kulturforum, Zürich (with Artigau i J. Vives Campomar)

1979 Galeria Dalt i Baix, Maó, Menorca

1978 Galeria Adrià, Barcelona

1977 Ondine Gallery, Boston

1976 Sala Tres, Acadèmia de Belles Arts de Sabadell
Galeria 42, Barcelona
Museo Solana, Queveda, Santander
Galería Altamira, Gijón
Galeria Sant Josep, Ciutadella, Menorca (with J. Vives Campomar)
Galeria Baetulo, Badalona, Barcelona

1975 Galeria Adrià, Barcelona
La Mulassa, Vilanova i La Geltrú

1974 Galeria Arregui, Madrid

1973 Galeria Adrià, Barcelona
Galeria Dallà, Barcelona
Galeria El Pez, Donostia

1972 W.A. Speidel, Zurich

1971 Galeria de la Llibreria de la Rambla, Tarragona
Galeria Adrià, Barcelona, with X. Serra de Rivera i Sergi Aguilar
Sala Vives, Maó, Menorca

1970 Marjorie Kauffman Graphics, Houston TX, USA
Etcetera Gallery, Eugene OR, USA
Galeria Tlaloc, Barcelona

1969 L'Agrifolio Galleria d'Arte, Milà
The Mande Kerns Center, Eugene OR, USA

1968 Galeria Ianua, Barcelona
Galeria Pecanins, México, DF
Galeria Ariel, Ciutat de Mallorca (with J. Vives Campomar)